Isn’t it Time to “Check the Boxes” of What is Permitted?

DOI: 10.33917/es-6.192.2023.46-51

The problem of the economic policies ontology is examined. Paradigms define practices and scenarios for the future. Crisis of the “mainstream” and the polymorphic structure of the world economy imply an intensive search for new theoretical and practical solutions.


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The Need to Reverse the Vector of Civilization Development

DOI: 10.33917/es-5.191.2023.28-31

The article briefly substantiates the need to change the vector of civilization development. The authors propose a concept of development, based on: complete renunciation of aggression in any form of its manifestation; progressive development of energy technologies; new discoveries designed to replace the planet’s resource base; exploration of near and far space.

Humanitarian and Technological Revolution: Experience and Challenges of Engineering Evolution

DOI: 10.33917/es-2.168.2020.54-63

Changing the priorities of economic development in transition to post-industrial society inevitably causes reviewing approaches to the role of innovation in modern economy. If in the era of industrial development of society innovations are considered mainly as a factor of technological development, in case of a post-industrial society innovations should be considered in a broader perspective. Innovative technologies in all their diversity are being introduced not only in the technological sphere, but also in education, in the service industry, housing and communal services, life support sphere, etc. The problem of shifting regions and separate territories to innovative development approaches is one of the key issues in forming an economy based on knowledge. “Nuclear” cities, where development of nuclear technologies is implemented both for defense and civilian purposes (nuclear power plants, nuclear fuel production, etc.), can be ideally used as territories of advanced social and economic development (TASED) primarily thanks to human potential of these cities. The article analyzes recent humanitarian and technological changes, called the “humanitarian technological revolution” (HTR), and their impact on the speed and effectiveness of innovative changes in this area

Integrated Reporting as a Key Innovation in Ethical Management Thinking

#6. The Charm of Unattainable Peaks
Integrated Reporting as a Key Innovation in Ethical Management Thinking

Recently, with development of globalization processes, both the object of accounting and its subject have become more complicated, which has caused the need to change methods of providing and reflecting information on economic entities’ activities. In addition, the concepts of financial management, complex fundamental analysis, corporate responsibility, business ethics and sustainable development have transformed. The purpose of this article is to consider integrated reporting as the basis of ethical management thinking and a new paradigm of management activity.