Development of state regulation of the housing sector: methods and digital solutions

DOI: 10.33917/mic-3.110.2023.29-36

The relevance of the study is due to the need to develop state regulation of the housing sector through the most effective methods and digital solutions aimed at ensuring the availability of housing for the population and improving the living conditions of citizens. The methods of regulation of the housing sector associated with state financial support for certain categories of participants in housing relations are analyzed in detail. In this regard, the need for digitalization of the housing sector and the transformation of production relations and procedures aimed at creating a digital ecosystem was noted. The most significant for the development of methods for regulating the housing sector in the context of digitalization are the State Information System for Housing and Communal Services and the State Services Portal. Based on the analysis of existing methods and digital solutions, we came to the conclusion that it is necessary to form complex digital technologies and smooth out differences in the pace of digitalization of the housing sector in megacities and other cities.


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The Dollar Collapse: Projecting Russia’s Actions in the Face of Global Economic Collapse


The world has been scared by the collapse of the dollar many times. So far, fears of a global economic collapse, associated with the fate of the dollar, have been greatly exaggerated. However, there are no significant guarantees that this will not happen under certain conditions. Variants of the Atlantic-planned collapse of the dollar with its replacement by a synthetic financial instrument o r digital currency, somehow similar to bitcoin, are possible. COVID-19 has further revealed this problem. Russia needs to abandon its illusions and to be ready to ensure the economic stability of political regime in a special period as manifestation of the world monetary and economic war of all against all at a certain stage of the catastrophe, while waiting for the main actors to agree on joint actions. At the same time, among our geopolitical competing partners, there are a lot of those who want by all means to solve their economic and other problems at the expense of Russia. Therefore,  macroeconomic measures that Russia will have to take in case of a global dollar collapse are very likely to be more severe than the scenario that the authors formulated in this article.


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Cryptocurrency Management Model for Forming the EAEU Unified Electronic Currency

#6. For the High Norm
Cryptocurrency Management Model for Forming the EAEU Unified Electronic Currency

The article discusses the possibility of forming (based on cryptocurrency principles) a single electronic currency of the EAEU. On the basis of a cryptocurrency approach — e-currency emission — it becomes possible to solve the problems of increasing investments, including to overcome the limited capabilities of national financial institutions in their competition with financial and banking groups — non-residents of the EAEU member states. A cryptocurrency management model allows to solve the problem of rearranging volumes, structure and conditions of emission and turnover of digital financial assets within the EAEU as a kind of bundled package of various types of investment resources based on an integrated cryptocurrency control, mining and ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in conjunction with economic activity and exchange rates of the EAEU Member States. The unified financial system of the EAEU in terms of financial resources amount will be able to withstand the risks of currency and financial collapses due to manipulative games and currency attacks by international speculative groups.

Formation of the Common EAEU Market of Oil and Oil products: the Basis of the Union Stability Island in a Stormy World Ocean of Global Speculations

#5-6. Five Scenarios for a Century
Formation of the Common EAEU Market of Oil and Oil products: the Basis of the Union Stability Island in a Stormy World Ocean of Global Speculations

Prices slump in the world oil markets in the second half of 2014 significantly damaged Russian economy. It became clear that something should be done. The article formulates the main directions and organizational model of forming the system of the EAEU oil and oil products markets. In fact, given the importance of budget revenues and corporate income from the crude oil and oil products sales (including relationship with the national currency exchange rate), it is a question of ensuring national security of our friendly countries through the joint regulation of the union oil markets by the states — the EAEU members. The EAEU system of oil and oil products markets (in the short term, the common EAEU market of oil and oil products) — is not only a mechanism of a certain commodities turnover management, but also a tool supporting the national currency exchange rate, the volume of gold and currency reserves, social programs realization and, therefore, a guarantee of their sustainability development.

Regulating Qualifications at Sectoral Labor Markets: Growth Opportunities for New Industries (by the Example of Renewable Energy Market in the Framework of Eurasian Economic Union)

#3. TARGET'S Issue
Regulating Qualifications at Sectoral Labor Markets: Growth Opportunities for New Industries (by the Example of Renewable Energy Market in the Framework of Eurasian Economic Union)

Establishment of uniform requirements for the specialists qualification and consecutive development of staffing and qualifications sectoral system can become the basis and an effective mechanism for barely emerging markets and industries. Successful solution of this task will entail consolidation of sectoral markets participants on the basis of public-private partnerships, will start up the processes of market self-identification and self-regulation. The article presents an analysis of opportunities and ways of forming the industry qualifications structure by the example of young and barely emerging sector of renewable energy and recycling.

The Tolerance has Reached a Complete Liquidation of Any Principles

#12. Everything will be OK

In Russia, obviously, it is necessary to search for any other distinctions between those, who votes, and those who corrects