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The Relevance of Cognitive Technologies in Management

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In this work the modern mechanisms defining complexity of management in modern social systems are analyzed. It is shown that the principal cause of modern complexity of management consists in management of not completely formalized technologies of activity of social systems of a great number. Modern feature of management in difficult social systems is essential influence of technologies of the market which essentially aren’t regulated by norms and institutes, and also essential influence of nature restrictions of cogitative possibilities of the person to operate-manage. Influence of poorly regulated technologies in the market can be reduced by use of network, organizational, collective, information and other developed technologies of maintenance of management and by use of methods integrating science. And reduction of influence of mental restrictions demands creation new cognitive technologies of the management, allowing dividing functions at thinking level.

Net-modular Marketing System of Social Services

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In the sphere of social service the task is not the maximum recovery of profit from the turnover of existing assets. More important is the provision of sufficient range of services for the population.

The Role of the Mongol Empire and China in the Civilized Development of Old Russia-Russia (XIII – the First Half of XV century)

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The emergence in recent years in the academic literature on history of Russia (Fatherland) in our country dotted discernible, but more often repeated attempts to introduce into the consciousness of students an opinion about the prominent role of the Mongol Empire in the civilized development of Russia causes the question: what is it – lack of knowledge of national and world history or its revision?

Consequences of the Russian Fishing Industry Disintegration

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The fishing industry of Russia turned up to be economically and organizationally disintegrated, unable to maintain the integrity of the entire value chain from fishing to sale of finished fish products.