Author page: Larisa Polkovnikova

If the End hasn’t Got the Beginning, Then This is Not the End

#2. The Ice Age

Winners of the Institute for Economic Strategies anneal program “Characters of the century” in 2012 found their own way of will and civic awareness manifestation, adequate to the environment threats and risks, their personal and managerial response. They became one more step, one more year closer to the possibility to manage environment and to form independently favorable circumstances of their life and work.

Regions of Russia — Community with a Common Destiny

#6-7. Springs of Surprises

From solving the problem of uneven regional development depends the life of the whole country. The question is how to overcome this inequality, to smooth the historically formed differences.

“Silver Link” of Yakutia: the Fate of the Bridge Into the Future of the Region

#9. Plus-minus 40

The fact that the railway, built with the highest careful attitude to the way of life of local residents, came to Khangalass land — is really a historic event, the importance of which is equal to geographical discovery. A key to this discovery today — the bridge across river Lena, the bridge into the future of Yakutia.