Consequences of the Russian Fishing Industry Disintegration

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The fishing industry of Russia turned up to be economically and organizationally disintegrated, unable to maintain the integrity of the entire value chain from fishing to sale of finished fish products.

World Energy Sector — Objective Laws of Global Development

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This transition process will last almost till the end of the ХХI century and will be connected with elimination of one of the energy resources — oil or coal — out of the energy turnover

Strategy of the Capital Market Development – 2020

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Unsaturation of the economy with money and dependence on foreign money demand led to the creation in the Russian Federation (in 1995 – 2008) of one of the most risky in the world models of financial market – a speculative model

Practical Applications of the Synergetics Methods

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Methodology and theory of synergetics has a number of the strongest benefits that promote formation of a proper level of competence of the innovative personnel, including systematic approach and management of self-organizing systems, divergencies and changes

Nooeconomics: a Definite Economy in the Indefinite Future

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To maintain the positive trend in the processes of society development subject to regularities of formation of the nooeconomics foundations, a shift from geopolitics to Logos-politics, that is to the policy of managing information and knowledge, is required

Classical Higher Education – for All the Time

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 State program for development of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011 – 2020 provides all the possibilities to get a quality education that corresponds to the best international practice

Restructuring of Global Governance – Key to Fighting Global Financial and Economic Crises

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The mechanism of macroeconomic quasi-stabilization is found, although its main features are not yet fully understood by the world economic community.