We Must Learn to be Responsible Patriots!

#4. Why that is needed?
We Must Learn to be Responsible Patriots!

It is gratifying that the national philanthropy traditions today are gaining momentum. The foundation for folk traditions revival “National St. Tryphon Foundation” carries out charitable activities in several areas — social programs funding, philanthropy in the cultural field, as well as support of society spiritual revival. In his interview with the “ES” magazine the Chairman of the board of trustees of the National St. Tryphon Foundation Andjey Malchevsky dwelled on charitable projects of the Foundation within the spiritual and moral revival and integration into the cultural heritage of the own people, upbringing respect for the history of the country.

Attention should be Paid Not to Animals, but to People!

#1. Hollywood as a password

People love animals, because it is easier with them. This is a serious ethical issue — we have now become more hard-hearted to each other, but we try to humanize our relations with animals.