Non-state Pension Fund of Sberbank – the Highest Level of Reliability

#4. 25 000 000: Wo dein Рlatz, Genosse, ist?!

Profitability in private pension fund, as a rule, is higher than in the Pension Fund of Russia, because private managers more quickly react to market changes – we keep a sharp eye on our own money.

Attention should be Paid Not to Animals, but to People!

#1. Hollywood as a password

People love animals, because it is easier with them. This is a serious ethical issue — we have now become more hard-hearted to each other, but we try to humanize our relations with animals.

Production System With the Effect of Tsunami

#12. Evil People

Production system of Sberbank is based on three key principles of change: of the process, of employees’ thinking and changes in management. It allows to improve significantly labour productivity by eliminating losses.

Business is Also Extreme

#11. Life resources

Since the date of its establishment “Peterburggazstroy” managed to gain the confidence of the companiescontractors. But in the era of information society it is quite difficult to maintain such high level of trust…

End of Roads’ Impassibility

#10. Time-out?

Money from the federal budget arrive late. The first payments come in somewhere in July-August, the final payment — in December, and in September, for example, the road must be finished. And it turns out that the state settles accounts with us fully only after construction is terminated.

Balance of Interests — In the Basis of Progress

#7-8. Burning Ground

It is very difficult to cope with high-quality daily work (not heavy unskilled physical labor, but labor in the broadest possible interpretation), when tomorrow we have to work a little longer and a little better than today.