The Tolerance has Reached a Complete Liquidation of Any Principles

#12. Everything will be OK

In Russia, obviously, it is necessary to search for any other distinctions between those, who votes, and those who corrects

On the Eve of the Fifth Wave

#11. Empty bowl

Russia is accumulating human resource of the new elite. Some representatives of the Soviet elite are still active. Stably active are some characters of the Yeltsin era. Quite successful in life are the nominees to the official elite of “fat zero”. But among all the elite waves there is what is called “breakage” — those, who have not attained longed-for lines, dismissed, discharged, exiled.

Financial Arm of the World

#10. Questions and Answers

Even if outflow of capital seems to someone a purely personal stroke of pen in the payment documents or enjoyable staccato of fingers on the keyboard, even if for an economist it’s just a passionless statistical indicator, the high significance of ready cash is a fact of contemporary crisis geo-economics.

Around-Zero Topics

#9. Any problem with?

 In the published block of interviews on strategic issues three global strategic topics converged: what is happening to the human brain and human health, how social turbulence rolls in wave after wave, and that a new model of economic development is being worked through step by step. All these topics are “around-zero” ones. Each of them promises tremendous changes. It is already possible to begin to predict their scale and impact on our everyday life, but it is impossible to imagine them like all the “around-zero”.

Revolutions Time?

#7-8. Passions on the adjuster

We consider events strategic when they affect the interests of many people and affect the lives of generations to come. The so-called Arab revolution are attributed to this sort of events. Someone call them date revolutions, someone – pistachio revolutions, in any case we encountered very serious catastrophes recently.