Investment and economic model of geological exploration in the Russian Federation

DOI: 10.33917/mic-3.116.2024.76-80

The article proposes an investment and economic model for carrying out geological exploration of hydrocarbons on the territory of the Russian Federation. The expedient sequence of performing economic calculations implies the passage of the following stages. The author has developed a scheme of the investment and economic model of geological exploration. The stages of the implementation of the investment and economic model of exploration are described.


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Digitalization as a driver for the development of oil and gas companies in modern conditions

DOI: 10.33917/mic-5.100.2021.74-79

The article provides a justification for the feasibility of introducing digital technologies into the oil and gas industry, which nowadays experiencing a period of tightening competition because of falling oil prices, complicating the conditions for geological exploration and oil production, the development of «green» energy. There is a downward trend in demand for oil and petroleum products, which forces oil and gas companies to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of oil production in order to withstand pressure from competitors. For these purposes, many oil and gas companies are digitalizing their business processes. As the advantages of digitalization of the industry, the article discusses the reduction of costs for exploration and production of oil, and as barriers – underdeveloped infrastructure, a lack of highly qualified personnel and cyber threats.

Financial Arm of the World

#10. Questions and Answers

Even if outflow of capital seems to someone a purely personal stroke of pen in the payment documents or enjoyable staccato of fingers on the keyboard, even if for an economist it’s just a passionless statistical indicator, the high significance of ready cash is a fact of contemporary crisis geo-economics.