Social Networks, Their Basic Factors, as Well as Their Role in Society and the State in the Context of Digital Transformation

DOI: 10.33917/es-8.174.2020.26-35

Society is historically associated with the state, which plays the role of an institution of power and government. The main task of the state is life support, survival, development of society and the sovereignty of the country. The main mechanism that the state uses to implement these functions is natural social networks. They permeate every cell of society, all elements of the country and its territory. However, they can have a control center, or act on the principle of self-organization (network centrism). The web is a universal natural technology with a category status in science. The work describes five basic factors of any social network, in particular the state, as well as what distinguishes the social network from other organizational models of society. Social networks of the state rely on communication, transport and other networks of the country, being a mechanism for the implementation of a single strategy and plan. However, the emergence of other strong network centers of competition for state power inevitably leads to problems — social conflicts and even catastrophes in society due to the destruction of existing social institutions. The paper identifies the main pitfalls using alternative social networks that destroy the foundations of the state and other social institutions, which leads to the loss of sovereignty, and even to the complete collapse of the country.

On the Issue of Ideological and Political Justification of Creating Public-Private Paramilitary Systems in the Context of Strategic Offensive Culture

#2. Noah’s Caste
On the Issue of Ideological and Political Justification of Creating Public-Private Paramilitary Systems in the Context of Strategic Offensive Culture

The article deals with modern military conflicts, as well as characteristics and peculiar features of strategic offensive culture. This culture always presupposes the existence of struggle elite, a single civil-military corporation capable of spiritual strategic goal setting and as a result — relying on the unity of the state and non-state national security systems, on a single complex — “total forces” — which combines public and private forces ensuring security policy, NPOs that directly interact with them, political parties and movements, religious institutions, mass media and business structures. Public-private paramilitary units of a new type, meeting the requirements of conducting asymmetric and hybrid wars, gradually become the core of this complex.


#9. Preserving humanness

The power of elite and its interests affect every person. In the era of globalization it is imperceptible. Influence is unnoticeable, but exists and indirect methodology works well. Then we have to make a question about the possibilities. When the situation is confused, multy-subject and contaminated by information background, to talk about interests and benefits means to condemn oneself to unraveling the Gordian knot. It is much easier to understand the opportunities. Let us throw away doubts – any opportunities will be necessarily used by elite. So what is the elite?

What is More Important — Intellect or Character?

#3. Countdown
What is More Important — Intellect or Character?

Geopolitics — one of the areas of human existence, where it is especially evident how the history has quickened its pace. The last decade of the last century and the first decade of the present one have accommodated two major geopolitical shifts, each of which has led to a radical change in the pattern of the world. Doctor of historical sciences, professor Karen N. Brutents, who has decades of experience in senior positions in the sphere of international politics, in his conversation with Alexander Ageev reflects on the fates of the unipolar world, emerged as a consequence of the USSR collapse, and of American hegemony. An attempt to perpetuate such world order failed and American hegemony began to decline. What is ahead? “The world, — says Karen N. Brutents, — is on the brink of great geopolitical revolution, which is preceded or accompanied by a revolution in the minds”.

The Tolerance has Reached a Complete Liquidation of Any Principles

#12. Everything will be OK

In Russia, obviously, it is necessary to search for any other distinctions between those, who votes, and those who corrects

Financial Arm of the World

#10. Questions and Answers

Even if outflow of capital seems to someone a purely personal stroke of pen in the payment documents or enjoyable staccato of fingers on the keyboard, even if for an economist it’s just a passionless statistical indicator, the high significance of ready cash is a fact of contemporary crisis geo-economics.