Digital Transformation of National Security in the Context of Global Hybrid Threats


In this article, the authors raise the issues of compliance (adequacy) of the ideology, approaches and infrastructure of the national security system in the light of global changes in the economy, de facto hybrid wars and ongoing natural and environmental emergencies. As a central element of preparation for such events and reaction to them, the authors considers mobilization in the classical sense, enshrined in the legislation, analyzes it for compliance with current hybrid threats, and also suggests new approaches to the digital transformation of the complex system of national security and mobilization, in particular

War and World: Analysis of the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Terms of Hybrid War. Psychoevotional Factors and Psychomatic Medicine in Combating SARS-CoV-2

DOI: 10.33917/es-7.173.2020.62-69

The article provides a systematic analysis of the experience of the COVID-19 pandemic in the context of the theory of hybrid warfare, identifies the factors of psycho-emotional impact on citizens and society of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The author has formed a hypothesis of the specific influence of the psychoemotional factor in the context of a hybrid war on the example of the COVID-19 pandemic on a global scale, country, society, person; the key directions for preparing the Russian control system for “viral” crises (“second wave”, pandemic, biological warfare, etc.) are highlighted. The critical importance of the integrity of approaches to a person in medicine, an interdisciplinary approach not only to diagnosis, but also to treatment, rehabilitation, accompanying patients and their families — these are new social values

On the Issue of Ideological and Political Justification of Creating Public-Private Paramilitary Systems in the Context of Strategic Offensive Culture

#2. Noah’s Caste
On the Issue of Ideological and Political Justification of Creating Public-Private Paramilitary Systems in the Context of Strategic Offensive Culture

The article deals with modern military conflicts, as well as characteristics and peculiar features of strategic offensive culture. This culture always presupposes the existence of struggle elite, a single civil-military corporation capable of spiritual strategic goal setting and as a result — relying on the unity of the state and non-state national security systems, on a single complex — “total forces” — which combines public and private forces ensuring security policy, NPOs that directly interact with them, political parties and movements, religious institutions, mass media and business structures. Public-private paramilitary units of a new type, meeting the requirements of conducting asymmetric and hybrid wars, gradually become the core of this complex.

Secret Windows

#5. Space Like a Punishment
Secret Windows

Crisis of the present involves changing management practices. A search for an effective knowledge-action methodology in a mobile, multifactor, nonlinear environment is conducted. Principles and methods of indirect, matrix, reflective, pointlike, reflex, synergetic control of people and events is formulated. Requirements for intellectual, creative and psychophysical status of a decision maker are increasing. The problem of competence limits of the ruling class can be solved by changing the managerial elite staff or by reducing the overall system level.