Author page: Vladimir Budanov

Role of BRICS in the World Economy Development

DOI: 10.33917/es-2.194.2024.16-23

The authors propose a vector for developing BRICS as an operator of an intercountry digital platform complex (IDPC), within the framework of which international economic transactions are accelerated, simplified and cheapened. Simplification and acceleration occur due to the fact that the documents, required for transaction, are prepared by ICPC algorithms in accordance with the current legislation of the countries and international standards. Cost reduction is achieved by reducing transaction costs, international multilateral clearing, optimizing logistics costs, introducing an internal electronic platform currency for mutual settlements, etc. In this case BRICS, receiving a commission of about 0.5% from each transaction, becomes independent of the budgets of participating countries and a self-sustaining international organization with significant influence in the field of international economic cooperation, including performing the international arbitration functions.


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Road Maps of the Anthropo-Technosphere of the XXI Century

#5. Digital Agitation
Road Maps of the Anthropo-Technosphere of the XXI Century

The article is devoted to understanding socio-anthropological risks associated with the technological developments of modern civilization. In the conditions of new industrial revolution Industry 4.0, the digital economy, implementation of convergent technologies, immersive networked virtual worlds of the Internet question about the prospects of development of human and society is particularly acute. The authors note the possibility of social evolution through two paths: through the implementation of a global mega-project which is able to consolidate humanity, or through the development of a network of civil society institutions and creative reserves. The article highlights the problems and dangers of the Technological Singularity, when machines, endowed with intelligence, can create a situation that threatens the very existence of mankind. The only way to overcome the Technological Singularity the authors see in the quantum-network form of human intelligence superior artificial intelligence, in finding the quantum-synergistic access to the collective mind of the noosphere.

Social Chaperons

#7. Hysteresis Loop
Social Chaperons

The development of network society (the network revolution) in the present-day world necessitates the establishment of networked regulatory organizations that can exert a positive influence on this process. They represent analogs of biomolecular chaperons that function in the living cell. Such social chaperons can design optimal scenarios of the network revolution. They can take account of various possible organizational options (paradigms) of network structures. Chaperons can creatively use paradigms that function in biological systems ranging from unicellular organisms to schooling fish, social insects, and apes. Social chaperons can contribute to their implementation using the whole spectrum of possible strategies of promoting expedient network scenarios and convincing political leaders and government regulators of their importance for humankind.

Limited Opportunities of Network Technologies in Providing Modern Complexity Management

#2. Mr Wanna-know-All's Questions
Limited Opportunities of Network Technologies in Providing Modern Complexity Management

It is shown that the current economic crisis, since its beginning in 2008, demonstrated a powerful influence on the economy both of a poorly regulated technologies of resource allocation (monopolistic, financial) and strong market operators (big capital). This influence resulted in draining out resources from the real economy into big capital and causing barriers for development of the real sector business. This impact of unregulated market technologies and strong operators, which became evident about half a century ago and became considerable today, the more influences the economy, the greater is the complexity (the less is the possibility) of forecasting and economic management. Downfall of predictability, effectiveness of used “formal” tools, decrease of market controllability by normsinstitutions and of control of the most big social (economic) systems; facts of accumulation of significant economic problems — disbalances, debt problems, crime and corruption; high and increasing social inequality, impoverishment of the main part of the population, increasing number of billionaires; decline in resource and credit opportunities of small and medium-sized businesses particularly in Europe. These and many other circumstances listed in the article, the aggravation of which is largely due to the above cited complexity of management and forecasting, make deep analysis of this complexity extremely relevant today.

On the Eve of the Fifth Wave

#11. Empty bowl

Russia is accumulating human resource of the new elite. Some representatives of the Soviet elite are still active. Stably active are some characters of the Yeltsin era. Quite successful in life are the nominees to the official elite of “fat zero”. But among all the elite waves there is what is called “breakage” — those, who have not attained longed-for lines, dismissed, discharged, exiled.

Whirlwinds of Global Risks and Strategy of Russia’s Development. Futurological Essays “Forecasting of emergency situations in Russia and the world”

#4. 25 000 000: Wo dein Рlatz, Genosse, ist?!

 December 9, 2010 the Russian Academy of Sciences held the tenth anniversary session of the Global Strategic Forum on the topic “Whirlwinds of global risks and strategy of Russia’s development”. The third block of the forum – futurological essays “Forecasting of emergency situations in Russia and the world” – was devoted to problems of natural disasters control and crime fighting. Information and psychological pressure on humans as a factor of emergency situations was also discussed.