Russia — France: Cooperation In the Sphere of Humanities

#1. Hollywood as a password

Year 2010, declared the Year of Russia in France and the Year of France in Russia, was special in terms of development of Russian-French cooperation in the sphere of humanities, which was happening at the background of an unprecedented by its intensity political, cultural, economic and scientific exchange between the two countries.

Model of the Modern Russian Economy: Methods, Technology, Results

#9. Plus-minus 40

A good model can give a reasonable forecast in the field of its competence, subject to maintaining the existing economic relations, can identify threats to established order, but it does not allow to predict what will replace this order after the crisis.

Sure Gaze Into the Future

#9. Plus-minus 40

The name “Strategies” (no “Forecasts”, for example) has deep meaning. In our unstable time it is practically impossible to make long-term predictions. However, we can imagine possible scenarios, choose among them the “desired” one and act in this direction — this is the “strategy”.

Scientific-Educational Institutions As a New Model of Structural Units of Higher Education

#7-8. Burning Ground

The national policy in the field of education, held in Russia, calls for the development and implementation of new methods and forms of education, as well as structural reforms.

Provided the Staff – There will be Anticipatory Development of the Military Industrial Complex

#3. Somewhere in Between

Military-industrial complex has to solve the serious problems of its reformation in order to meet successfully the challenges of global competition in the XXI century.