The Image of the Teacher. Ten Years Later

#8. Logic and ethic of fake
The Image of the Teacher. Ten Years Later

An outstanding specialist in applied mathematics, interdisciplinary research, philosophy and methodology of science, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Sergei Pavlovich Kurdyumov used to say: “The future tenses the present and clarifies the past”. In addition, the next generations arrive and there is a desire to communicate them the results, hopes, dreams of the previous generations and, if possible, to protect them from already made mistakes. Just from this perspective now we would like to look at the scientific work of Sergei P. Kurdyumov, at the ideas put forward by him and being developed now by his scientific school.

Cognitive Challenge and Information Technologies

#7-8. Passions on the adjuster

Key possibilities and breakthroughs of the beginning century will be associated with the creator himself, with single individual, groups and society as a whole. Exactly such a breakthrough is beginning before our eyes.