Author page: George Malinetsky

The Future Technologies and Weapons in Russia

#10. Russia Concentrates?
The Future Technologies and Weapons in Russia

The article examines the development imperatives of “tomorrow weapons” for the Russian army. It is shown that war in the Arctic and cyberwarfare, as well as “slow wars” and “cryptowarfare” require fundamentally new approaches. Attention is paid to long-term work organization schemes in the defense-industrial complex providing development of competition, as well as to the important role that could be played by the Russian Academy of Sciences and its institutions in the expertise of promising projects in the field of arms and in designing the future.

The Concept of “Network-Centric” War for the Russian Army: “Force Multiplier” or a Mental Trap?

#5. The Forerunners of Memory

In recent discussions of future wars character and methods of future warfare Russian authors in their works often use such terms as “network-centric”, “network” war, “network-centric warfare”, “network-centric operations”, “network-centric counteraction”, “network-centricity”,”universal network-centric tools” and etc. up to “defensive network-centricity “. At the same time authors sometimes attribute quite different meanings and significance to these concepts. Just the meaning of the term “network-centric war”, the possibility and feasibility of applying “network-centric” war concept to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are referred to in the article.

Cognitive Challenge and Information Technologies

#7-8. Passions on the adjuster

Key possibilities and breakthroughs of the beginning century will be associated with the creator himself, with single individual, groups and society as a whole. Exactly such a breakthrough is beginning before our eyes.