Author page: Vladimir Ovchinsky

Our Whole Life is Criminology

Famous criminologist Vladimir Semenovich Ovchinsky, who formerly headed the Russian bureau of Interpol and is now an adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, in an interview with special correspondent of the ES journal Alina Yakim shared with his readers his vision of the development of criminology in Russia, elaborating on artificial intelligence and digital crime inflicting
the biggest harm to society

Whirlwinds of Global Risks and Strategy of Russia’s Development. Futurological Essays “Forecasting of emergency situations in Russia and the world”

#4. 25 000 000: Wo dein Рlatz, Genosse, ist?!

 December 9, 2010 the Russian Academy of Sciences held the tenth anniversary session of the Global Strategic Forum on the topic “Whirlwinds of global risks and strategy of Russia’s development”. The third block of the forum – futurological essays “Forecasting of emergency situations in Russia and the world” – was devoted to problems of natural disasters control and crime fighting. Information and psychological pressure on humans as a factor of emergency situations was also discussed.