Human Health — Our Contribution into the Country’s Future

#8. The Repertoire of Domination
Human Health — Our Contribution into the Country’s Future

Among the numerous participants of the II Regional Forum of social projects “Human Health — our contribution into the country’s future” there are representatives of public associations, non-profit organizations, but mostly students and volunteers from different regions of Russia. These are people who are interested not only in maintaining their health, but primarily in healthy lifestyle popularization, its widest possible dissemination, and therefore interested in really healthy generation.

International Youth Innovation Forum

#2. Is it reformation on the march?

Advances in the transfer of the Russian economy onto innovative way of development determine its future. The rate of adaptation of high technology, including nanotechnology, largely depends on the interest of business and the whole society in their active application. And therefore the following things become of utmost importance: formation of innovative thinking, awakening of interest in modern technology for development and management of innovative projects among the youth, which is a potential human resource for their implementation. The International Youth Innovation Forum “Russia and the World — 2020” became the site for discussions of innovation and nanotechnology industry development issues.

Around-Zero Topics

#9. Any problem with?

 In the published block of interviews on strategic issues three global strategic topics converged: what is happening to the human brain and human health, how social turbulence rolls in wave after wave, and that a new model of economic development is being worked through step by step. All these topics are “around-zero” ones. Each of them promises tremendous changes. It is already possible to begin to predict their scale and impact on our everyday life, but it is impossible to imagine them like all the “around-zero”.