Scientific Knowledge Base in the Lens of Innovation Policy

DOI: 10.33917/es-3.189.2023.50-57

The article examines the problem of measuring the scientific knowledge base (SKB) of innovation systems, the solution of which ensures transition to policy reformatting through the prism of SKB, which in its turn makes it possible to form a bridge between SKB and competitive opportunities in the sectoral market, between scientific knowledge and provision of technological and economic security. The developed measurement system was used to evaluate the SKB of Russia’s SIS in the field of nanotechnology in order to answer a number of questions. Has competitive nanoscience been created during the reforms? Are the country’s economic reforms supported by nanotechnological knowledge? Is the scientific sector oriented towards developing breakthrough nanotechnologies of the future?


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Where are You Going, Russia?

DOI: 10.33917/es-5.163.2019.58-69

To answer the question “Whither goest thou, Russia?”, the authors analyzed the period of the neoliberal reformation in the social and economic aspects. They summed up the political confrontation that had taken place in the “tumultuous” 1990s and identified the main trends towards the integral development of the Russian Federation for the near to medium terms. A situation that first occurred in the country, when the systems scientific and mental approaches are not in the binary opposition, but they are interacting research technologies, holds out hope for a success in studying the complicated actors of social life. In the authors’ opinion, for Russia’s successful development one can need a sovereignty of the State and society, to support creative directions in the intellectual sphere, to return the masses to active politics and to restore a direct and honest dialogue between the Government and civil society, otherwise there would be no way to save a considerable stratum of the population from a metacognitive bias with regard to their hope for a social and just transformation of society

New nanotechnology – the basis of integrated development and defense of the RF coastal and water areas

#9. Execution Excess
New nanotechnology – the basis of integrated development and defense of the RF coastal and water areas

The paper shows the evaluation of significance of Northern and Eastern shelf areas development and protection for the Russian Federation. Taking into account the shelves natural features it shows that only through application of new methods of oceanic construction industry proposed by the authors, based on nanotechnology developed by them, it is possible to create conditions for underwater/subglacial exploration and mineral resources mining in these areas and their infrastructure development in general. A specific example of creating subglacial naval base like an anchored subglacial aircraft-carrier for protection of the northern shelf natural resources and providing efficient safeguarding of the RF production-mining complexes on the shelf is considered.

International Youth Innovation Forum

#2. Is it reformation on the march?

Advances in the transfer of the Russian economy onto innovative way of development determine its future. The rate of adaptation of high technology, including nanotechnology, largely depends on the interest of business and the whole society in their active application. And therefore the following things become of utmost importance: formation of innovative thinking, awakening of interest in modern technology for development and management of innovative projects among the youth, which is a potential human resource for their implementation. The International Youth Innovation Forum “Russia and the World — 2020” became the site for discussions of innovation and nanotechnology industry development issues.