On “Capable Management” in the Agrarian Sector of Russia

#7. Foresight Boom
On “Capable Management” in the Agrarian Sector of Russia

Based on the analysis of the main performance indicators of the Russian agro-industrial complex (AIC) in 2016, the authors of the article conclude that the main driver of positive changes in the agro-industrial complex of Russia in recent years are mainly political decisions, and not institutional changes in the agro-industrial complex itself. It is noted that agrarian companies of Russia are evidently missing “capable management”, despite the presence of “very high level of formal education” among agrarian employees, which in turn determines the lack of receptivity in agrarian organizations for innovations, primarily in the sphere of agricultural management. The authors pay attention to the need to increase the “abilities” level of corporate agrarian management by creating in Russia a training system for namely “capable managers” and through forming a forward-looking Russian business culture in educational and agrarian organizations.

Around-Zero Topics

#9. Any problem with?

 In the published block of interviews on strategic issues three global strategic topics converged: what is happening to the human brain and human health, how social turbulence rolls in wave after wave, and that a new model of economic development is being worked through step by step. All these topics are “around-zero” ones. Each of them promises tremendous changes. It is already possible to begin to predict their scale and impact on our everyday life, but it is impossible to imagine them like all the “around-zero”.