The World Oil Prices Decline: Will Russia Sustain Macro-Organized Instability Translated From Abroad?

#10. Russia Concentrates?
The World Oil Prices Decline: Will Russia Sustain Macro-Organized Instability Translated From Abroad?

Macro-strategic game of world actors around the oil prices — is not a matter of business, it is a matter of global domination. If Russia sustains translated from abroad strategic trend of macro-organized instability in the form of geo-manipulated oil prices decline, it will mean that the Russian model is not inferior to the US and the EU ones as the main models of forming basic segments of society that finally confirms our status: return among the great powers. Statement of the new forces alignment in the global economy: a legal succession of modern Russia (Third Rome) from the Byzantine, then the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union as one of the world’s key political, economic and civilizational centers has occurred.

Limited Opportunities of Network Technologies in Providing Modern Complexity Management

#2. Mr Wanna-know-All's Questions
Limited Opportunities of Network Technologies in Providing Modern Complexity Management

It is shown that the current economic crisis, since its beginning in 2008, demonstrated a powerful influence on the economy both of a poorly regulated technologies of resource allocation (monopolistic, financial) and strong market operators (big capital). This influence resulted in draining out resources from the real economy into big capital and causing barriers for development of the real sector business. This impact of unregulated market technologies and strong operators, which became evident about half a century ago and became considerable today, the more influences the economy, the greater is the complexity (the less is the possibility) of forecasting and economic management. Downfall of predictability, effectiveness of used “formal” tools, decrease of market controllability by normsinstitutions and of control of the most big social (economic) systems; facts of accumulation of significant economic problems — disbalances, debt problems, crime and corruption; high and increasing social inequality, impoverishment of the main part of the population, increasing number of billionaires; decline in resource and credit opportunities of small and medium-sized businesses particularly in Europe. These and many other circumstances listed in the article, the aggravation of which is largely due to the above cited complexity of management and forecasting, make deep analysis of this complexity extremely relevant today.

Homo Proponit, Sed Dues Disponit

#1. Choice of Identity
Homo Proponit, Sed Dues Disponit

Institute for Economic Strategies in the project “Strategic Matrix of Russia” again determines the most important strategic trends of the past 2013 by nine strategic matrix factors: governance, territory, natural assets, population, economy, culture and religion, science and education, armed forces, geopolitical environment.

Gosplan — Basic approaches to Planning Socio­economic Development of Russia

#8. The Repertoire of Domination
Gosplan — Basic approaches to Planning  Socio­economic Development of Russia

The article examines organizational approaches to formation of Gosplan in Russia as a system of qualitatively new tools for monitoring and planning of market socio-economic development through infrastructure of well-ordered complex system of commodity resources formalized electronic markets within the framework of developing the system of Electronic trading platforms. The amount of data, collected from the interconnected electronic trading platforms, is an information base of Gosplan for issuing analysis results of the market trends and optimization recommendations (“planned targets”) for state structures and government authorities of the relevant product markets.

Why Companies Need Independent Directors Without MBA

#5. The Forerunners of Memory

The idea of the article came to one of its authors more than three years ago, when he answered the questionnaire while applying for an Executive MBA in one of the foreign business schools. The question was about what one expects from the MBA program and what benefits he gets participating in the program. Given that he already had experience of working as an independent director in a number of Russian state-owned and private companies, he answered the questions appropriately, keeping in mind the challenges that he had faced. The article, as he thought at the time, had to be called “What for does MBA serve for independent director.” (This is the question he actually answered by filling the questionnaire of the business school.) And at the end of his two-year training his view changed and the article acquired the current title.

Work Team as a Network Structure Inducing a Common Creative Field

#5. The Forerunners of Memory

From the perspective of the network approach a working team is characterized as a local socio-cognitive network included in the overall networking. However, to understand the creative potential of the working team, according to the authors, specifying only localization of network order of social-cultural interactions is not enough. The analysis of creative team work aspects reveals some over-network phenomenon, which the authors called a common creative field.

Public Competition Law, Legal Globalization and Integration Processes in the Experience of the Eurasian Economic Community (EurAsEC)

#1. Beyond Design Basis Evaluations

The activities carried out recently within the framework of the EurAsEC are evidence of the political will aimed at more profound integration.

Ethics of Management in Modern Russia: to Analysis of the Problem

#6-7. Springs of Surprises

In a set of the government spells there is something about social responsibility of business, but there are no mechanisms of compulsion to this responsibility. There are riot police detachments, but there is no parliament for negotiations.