Development Strategy of Regional Pension Provision (on the Materials of the Republic of Dagestan)

#3. Conceptual viruses

This paper describes the main indicators of socio-economic development of the republic of Dagestan and the prospects for further development of the region. The strategy of pension schemes in the Republic of Dagestan, identified ways to improve the pension system in the region, analyzes the impact of demographic factors on the development prospects of pension schemes in the Republic of Dagestan and the level of pensions in the region. Developed a demographic forecast of the Republic of Dagestan in 2012-2025 years.

Essays of Economic Optimism in Times of Stagnation

#9. Any problem with?

 Historical analogies and parallels are dangerous, as conditions of development are radically changing. Yet I would run risk to call the post-crisis period in the development of new Russia – 2010-2011 and the number of successive years – the new times of stagnation.

A New Model of Economic Growth in Russia

#3. Expectation of Light

What kind of financial system is it, in which incredible for other countries losses of foreign exchange reserves, acquired with such difficulty over the decades, occur? It is clear that such financial system needs major adjustments.

New Model of Economic Growth in Russia

#2. Agenda

Russia needs at least five percent growth so that in a historically foreseeable future — the lifetime of the current working generation (20-30 years) to reach, by economic and social indicators, the leading civilized countries standing on a par with the most developed countries in the world

The Basic Problems of Forecasting the Socio-Economic Development of Regions

#7-8. Burning Ground

In order to improve the system of prediction of socioeconomic development in the regions the practice of developing multivariant prediction with application of information technologies is introduced.