Formation and implementation of innovative projects at enterprises of high-tech industries of Russia in the context of their digital transformation

Current trends in economic, scientific and technological development require the transformation of approaches to the management of economic systems and projects. In this regard, the article considers a modern approach to the implementation of innovative projects – a competitive one. Its basic principles, as well as the key stages in the successful implementation of innovative projects, are disclosed. The first step is the right choice of the project. The authors propose an algorithm for evaluating and ranking projects when building a decision support system at Russian enterprises in high-tech industries. One of the most important stages of the project implementation is the formation of an effective project team. Taking into account digital transformation trends, an approximate authorial matrix of digital competencies for the formation of such a team is proposed.

Economic and mathematical aspects of strategic management in transport

DOI: 10.33917/mic-1.90.2020.21-31

The scientific article highlights current problems and key areas of modernization of methodological support for strategic management of the country’s transport system development. A methodological approach to assessing the synergistic effect based on the criterion of maximizing added value is proposed and justified. The expediency of using the methods of assessing the strategic state of economic entities when making important decisions in transport is justified: «growth/share» (BCG matrix), «industry attractiveness /competition position» (GE) and the «life cycle» matrix, etc.

Proposals for Promoting Collaboration Between the State and Business in Order to Form the Advanced Development Area Industry 4.0 in the Regions of Russia

DOI: 10.33917/es-6.164.2019.128-134

The article proposes solutions to an urgent challenge: transforming Russian regions into the territories of advanced development taking advantage of technologies of the fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0. The paper dwells on advantages and problems of introducing the Industry 4.0 technologies, proposals on cooperation of the state and business for introducing technologies of Industry 4.0 at the industrial level and for their promotion among the population.

Facilitating Scientific and Technical Projects

#1. Minds Confusion
Facilitating Scientific and Technical Projects

In this article, facilitation is seen as a healthy reaction to the world globalization and as a means of increasing efficiency while managing innovative scientific and technical projects. The author considers the main features of such facilitation and the processes of introducing such form of management into newly created and already existing scientific and technical projects.

Personnel Trajectory

#3. Countdown
Personnel Trajectory

The results of opinion poll conducted among participants of the Second closed business dinner for personnel directors of different enterprises and business owners, held in Moscow on October 11, 2013 in the “Davos” hall of “Swissotel Red Hills” Hotel, eloquently demonstrate that personnel problems in enterprises and companies from completely different branches of the Russian economy are very similar and require systematic approach and solution on a national or industry scale, and not within a single enterprise.