Assessment of the needs of companies in support systems for effective management decisions

DOI: 10.33917/mic-6.89.2019.22-30

The article discusses current issues of making effective management decisions using the management decision support system and identifying key indicators and indicators characterizing the needs of companies in using these systems. Within the framework of these questions, the results obtained as a result of the implementation of the state program “Digital economy of the Russian Federation”, including the use of Industry 4.0 technologies, are considered. The implementation of the objectives of this program is possible only under the condition of diversification of production, which should be preceded by a number of measures, united in the concept of “diversification management”, discussed in detail in the article. Based on the analysis, key indicators and indicators are identified that allow to characterize the needs of the company and society in decision support systems.

Proposals for Promoting Collaboration Between the State and Business in Order to Form the Advanced Development Area Industry 4.0 in the Regions of Russia

DOI: 10.33917/es-6.164.2019.128-134

The article proposes solutions to an urgent challenge: transforming Russian regions into the territories of advanced development taking advantage of technologies of the fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0. The paper dwells on advantages and problems of introducing the Industry 4.0 technologies, proposals on cooperation of the state and business for introducing technologies of Industry 4.0 at the industrial level and for their promotion among the population.

Sendero Luminoso as an Evolutionary Technological Trend

#8. New Year’s Forces
Sendero Luminoso as an Evolutionary Technological Trend

The authors of the present article dwell on the main topics and forecasts of the telecommunications industry development that were dominant in 2017 in the world, as well as the situation on the Russian telecommunications market, and draw a conclusion that the situation on the telecommunications market is somewhat similar to the situation on the fronts of the First World war in 1917.

With the Speed of Tsunami?

#8. Hunting for Scientists
With the Speed of Tsunami?

The authors of the article examine the place of the world telecommunications industry in the process, called “Industry 4.0”. The article also considers the main technology trends within the industry. On the basis of experts’ opinions survey the authors conclude that the major trend in telecommunications field is the development of 5G networks and commercial distribution of SDN and NFV technologies. The basic tendencies of economic development of the global market largest players and the situation in the Russian telecommunications market are considered.