Epic Fail of BigTech Digital Transformation. Where is the Key to Level Up? [Epic Fail of Digital Transformation of Transnational Corporations. Where is the Key to a Level up Management?]

DOI: https://doi.org/10.33917/es-4.184.2022.46-55

World trend of the XXI century — Industry 4.0 and digital platforms. In 2014, General Electric (GE) partnered with Big Tech giants — AT&T, Cisco, IBM and Intel — to take control of the global manufacturing industry created the Industrial Internet Contributors Association (Industry IoT Consortium IIC). By 2021, the IIC included Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Accenture, Huawei, Bosch, EMC, SAP, Siemens, SAS and others. GE together with BigTech created the industrial cloud platform Predix, declaring it to be practically an “operating system” for factories, analogous to Android or iOS in the world of machines, the language of the industrial Internet.

However, in 2020 GE and Predix suffered a devastating fiasco.

The article provides an analysis of the root causes and problems, and formulates the requirements for digital platforms of industrial software. The author describes alternative solutions and new principles for implementing digital transformation of Industry 4.0 based on the closing technologies of digital genesis, graph-centric platforms, tools, models and systems of collective conscious scientifically based balanced management (industrial, corporate, social, state). Closing technologies offered by Russia have got an enormous social and political resource.

Housing and Construction Ecosystem: Technological Breakthrough

DOI: https://doi.org/10.33917/es-2.182.2022.72-85

Based on methodological analysis and extensive empirical data involved, the article proposes an original approach to developing initial positions for the concept of forming housing and construction ecosystems. The main criteria for evaluating feasibility of using a new organizational form for implementing the plans to achieve strategic socio-economic goals, facing the country, and realizing a long-term development strategy for the construction industry as well as for housing and communal services are considered. It is proposed to choose technological engineering as a core of the construction ecosystem. The article formulates a number of practical recommendations



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Designing a Financial Mechanism for a “Technological Breakthrough”. How to “Format” Own Ecosystems so That Other People’s Digital Devices and Financiers Should Not “Format” Us

DOI: https://doi.org/10.33917/es-5.179.2021.36-45

Acceleration of technological and institutional development results in reduced lags between innovations and their installation in the economy and society, which modifies long-wave patterns (but doesn’t cancel them). In this regard, the question arises on the possibility of a “Russian economic miracle” on a new financial and digital basis. This is a question about ecosystems (digital platforms — a relatively recent complex financial and production innovation), the prototypes of which, however, have already been in history. Historical studies of protoecosystems and modern ecosystems, addressed by the author, allow us to answer the question: “ecosystem” (convergent) technologies are a factor undermining macroeconomic stability in the interests of a narrow circle of global and local players and (or) a mechanism for changing technological and institutional patterns (?!).

When Digital Boom Falls Down: Two Stratagems for Public Administration

#2. Breakthrough Betting
When Digital Boom Falls Down: Two Stratagems for Public Administration

2018 did not bring a significant breakthrough in the Russian digital economy development, the boom is being replaced by disappointment. Digital transformation as a process of cardinal change is gradually being superseded by numeralization or digitalization, that is, simply by converting “everything” into digital form. At the same time, practical issues concerning approaches of the state bodies to implementation of digital economy plans both in the nearest future and in the 5–10 years prospect, stay out of the attention zone. Of paramount importance becomes the discussion by the authorities not about the processes of effective changes in the economy, but the accelerated introduction of foreign digital technologies or provision of services on digital platforms. The article proposes to discuss two stratagems that will allow the government bodies of the Russian Federation to consolidate their leadership position in the digital transformation process, not only by implementing control and supervisory functions, but also through providing greater economic opportunities to large, medium and small businesses based on numeral.

Concept of a New Industrial Platform Organizational

#3. For Nothing, or an Invisible Threat
Concept of a New Industrial Platform Organizational

The article examines one of the possible areas of designing and manufacturing complex high-tech products through implementing the concept of creating a single digital industrial platform. Formation and development of the new digital economy paradigm in Russia is actively discussed at all levels of public administration, it contributes to global involvement of a large number of stakeholders, to emergence of new strategic decisions that are realized in various forms — from government programs to successful business models at the level of individual organizations. Materials of the article reflect the content and prospects of developing sectoral and inter-branch relations on the example of implementing the program for creation of a promising Frigate Ecojet wide-body short-range airplane.

Digital Economy Infrastructure

#8. New Year’s Forces
Digital Economy Infrastructure

Building digital economy (DE) is a complex task. On this path, a number of directions require qualitative study, the absence of which (in any direction) can nullify all the positive results achieved in solving other issues, such as regulatory controls, staffing, organization and management, technological groundwork, etc. The author dwells only on one of such aspects — building the DE infrastructure.

System Foundations of Solving Managerial Problems of Interaction Between Fundamental and Applied Science and Manufacturing Sector as the Main Factor of Russia’s New Industrialization

#2. The Ice Age

The basic trend of world economic development — sustained increase in demand for scientific and technical resources, including innovation.