When Digital Boom Falls Down: Two Stratagems for Public Administration

#2. Breakthrough Betting
When Digital Boom Falls Down: Two Stratagems for Public Administration

2018 did not bring a significant breakthrough in the Russian digital economy development, the boom is being replaced by disappointment. Digital transformation as a process of cardinal change is gradually being superseded by numeralization or digitalization, that is, simply by converting “everything” into digital form. At the same time, practical issues concerning approaches of the state bodies to implementation of digital economy plans both in the nearest future and in the 5–10 years prospect, stay out of the attention zone. Of paramount importance becomes the discussion by the authorities not about the processes of effective changes in the economy, but the accelerated introduction of foreign digital technologies or provision of services on digital platforms. The article proposes to discuss two stratagems that will allow the government bodies of the Russian Federation to consolidate their leadership position in the digital transformation process, not only by implementing control and supervisory functions, but also through providing greater economic opportunities to large, medium and small businesses based on numeral.


  1. Prognoz sotsial’no-ekonomicheskogo razvitiya Rossiiskoi Federatsii na period do 2036 goda [Forecast of the Socio-Economic Development of the Russian Federation for the Period Up to 2036]. Ministerstvo ekonomicheskogo razvitiya, available at: http://economy.gov.ru/minec/resources/9e711dab-fec8-4623-a3b1-33060a39859d/prognoz2036.pdf.
  2. Ofitsial’naya statistika. Natsional’nye scheta [Official Statistics. National Accounts]. Federal’naya sluzhba gosudarstvennoi statistiki, available at: http://www.gks.ru/wps/wcm/connect/rosstat_main/rosstat/ru/statistics/accounts/
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