Dogma of the Superiors Infallibility


Review of the book by the famous Russian economist, sociologist and politician V.L. Inozemtsev “Economy without dogmas: how the US is creating a new economic order”, published in 2021 by Alpina-Publisher.


Features and Directions of Real Estate Valuation for the Purposes of State Economic Policy in the Context of Digitalization


The article deals with topical issues of digital cadastral accounting, calculating the value of a real estate object in the context of the dynamics of market indicators. The statistics of the distribution of Russian cities by the indicator of the average level of real estate prices in the context of market types in 2020 are reflected. An approach to the formation of reports on the results of real estate valuation is proposed.



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On the Macroeconomic Nature of the Strategic Development Objectives of Efficient Balanced Macroeconomic Systems

#2. Noah’s Caste
On the Macroeconomic Nature of the Strategic Development Objectives of Efficient Balanced Macroeconomic Systems

The purpose of the article is to justify theoretically the possibility of achieving the maximum social efficiency of public spending, investment and taxes in perfect balanced open economic system. Ideally, the proposed model ( “zero losses” of public spending and investment social efficiency) can always lead to the maximum possible rate of economic growth, which allows to substantiate the main directions of the appropriate macroeconomic (financial, tax and fiscal) policy.

Carlos Prats — Commander Era of Profound Change

#5-6. Five Scenarios for a Century
Carlos Prats — Commander Era of Profound Change

September 11, 1973 in Chili was a military coup. It was not the usual type of rebellion garrison, and well-planned military operation, the of which was made a combined attack using aircraft, artillery and infantry. The rebels were immediately engaged all public and government agencies. The officers refused to support the coup were shot. In a coup toppled President Salvador Allende and the ruling National Unity. To power a military junta, led by General Augusto Pinochet, who succeeded General Cаrlos Prats, a prominent military and political statesman of Chili, which will be discussed in this article. The article tells about the time of his command of the Chilean army, and climax in his military career. His role in the dramatic events which took place in Chile in the 70th of the XX century. Also shows traces of his personal diary, in which General Prats wrote that meant for his country during the government of Salvadore Allende and what was the real role of the armed forces in the political process of the country.

«Green» Yablokov

#8. Some Time in Petrograd...
«Green» Yablokov

Alexey Yablokov is well-known as an active ecologist, member of the party “Yabloko”, where he heads the “Green Russia” faction. People say that the party was actually named after him, although he joined it much later. Not everyone knows that Alexey Vladimirovich is an outstanding scientist, a biologist with a worldwide reputation, corresponding member and counsellor of the Russian Academy of Sciences, as well as chairman of the Council for marine mammals that, by his own admission, are the love of all his life. We are not kings of the nature, Yablokov is sure, but only one of the numerous species living on the planet. While we are looking for intelligent life somewhere in the vastness of the Universe, other civilizations are existing beside us. Dolphins and whales, in his opinion, undoubtedly are their representatives. However, we are not absolutely ready for the contact with them. That’s probably why we do not manage to reach out to those who live much further.

Secret Trends of the Russian Budget

#2. Is it reformation on the march?

State secret — is the sphere of activity of security services: our enemy or dangerous competitor shouldn’t know too much about Russian politics, economics, science, armed forces and defense industry.