China as a Neural-Information Megamatrix: Digital Technologies for Structuring Cognitive Ensembles of Order

DOI: 10.33917/es-1.175.2021.50-61

In China, the strategy for the national information infrastructure development is implementing a large-scale and unparalleled project for developing artificial intelligence and its application to solving critical problems. Threats and risks of the current stage left no choice to China. The best Soviet and Russian developments of centralized planning and modeling are actively used, advanced American experience in applying neuroinformation technologies to influence society is being adopted. In fact, a neuroinformational mega-matrix is being formed, which will allow the Chinese authorities to keep the seething mass of people and organizations within a controlled circuit. Configuring cognitive communications in the socio-technical system “person — infocommunication environment — the state” allows to develop a social credit model for forming behavior vectors in large groups of the population with culling disloyal in behaviour (implemented now) and disloyal in thinking (soon to be implemented) human units of the China-community

Battle for the Future: Who Will Be the First in the World to Master the Noomonitoring and Cognitive Programming of Subjective Reality?

#2. Alliance Great
Battle for the Future: Who Will Be the First in the World to Master the Noomonitoring and Cognitive Programming of Subjective Reality?

The key factor determining the victory in the battle for the future is not the territory, not the army and not the volume of financial, material and intellectual resources being involved. The key factor of the victory is cognitive programming of subjective reality: mass-individual adjustment of the semantic interpretation of the existence goal and life success to form the material future through self-adjustment of the surrounding subjective reality to the “image of Victory” in cognitive perception of oneself and the surrounding material, virtual and imaginary individual world. Special urgency is acquired by this factor in conditions of building a “digital economy”. The basis of such mechanisms constitutes noomonitoring as a tool for making a “cognitive snapshot” of subjective reality, forecasting, planning and metaprogramming on its basis the “image of Victory” by forming in groups of individuals new knowledge about themselves and the surrounding world, as well as the structure of ideological and professional patterns for interpreting surrounding reality and its subsequent correction within the personal management while developing and implementing management decisions of individuals and groups as a basic reference point for managing groups of interrelated people, machines, technical, including information, systems and natural objects.