Investment attractiveness of Saint Petersburg as its competitive advantage

DOI: 10.33917/mic-3.104.2022.94-101

The purpose of the article is determined by the need to identify the types of activities in which investment will provide an intensive path of development of St. Petersburg. The article analyzes the competitive advantages of the investment attractiveness of St. Petersburg. The analysis is based on the provisions of the Strategy of socio-economic development of St. Petersburg for the period up to 2035 and assessments of national ratings of regions. The author’s definition of the investment attractiveness of the region is given, which determine the competitive advantages of the region as an opportunity to invest in activities that provide an intensive path of development of the region.


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Music streaming services in Russia is a tactic of forced offensive

DOI: 10.33917/mic-2.97.2021.38-46

The article examines and identifies the reasons for the change in the structure of the music market, which led to an increase in the popularity of streaming music services. A comparative analysis of the most significant streaming services in the Russian market, as well as their unique competitive advantages, which allowed to effectively implement the strategy of forced attack on the market and gradually displace the pirate shadow segment, is carried out.

Basics of building a methodology for creating unique products

DOI: 10.33917/mic-2.91.2020.13-22

In the current economic conditions, characterized by the introduction of new digital information technologies, the processes of development and production of unique products are undergoing significant changes. The article considers the models and sequence of stages of the product life cycle, the author formed the basis of a comprehensive methodology for creating unique products, including a set of economic mechanisms and tools that can be developed in the form of an applies software solution.

Digital Economy in the Strategy of Production Integration in Russia

DOI: 10.33917/es-4.162.2019.18-24

The article formulates conceptual provisions revealing the strategy of production integration in the context of the Russian economy digitalization; the paper justifies the logic of its formation as a socio-economic vector, contributing to creation of the digital economy, ensuring the growth of competitive advantages of Russian enterprises and the economy as a whole; the author reviews foreign experience of the strategy of production integration and integrated structures formation, which should be taken into account in domestic practice; the article analyzes functional strategies of production integration in the Russian economy; the paper substantiates the role of cluster integration, contributing to creation of innovative territorial clusters as a growth factor for the digital economy, which contributes to creating and applying digital technologies, as well as to formation of a new digital platform in the production integration strategy with the aim of improving social and economic situation in the Russian Federation

Strategic Priorities for Developing the Rabbit Breeding Industry in Russia Until 2030

#5. Digital Agitation
Strategic Priorities for Developing the Rabbit Breeding Industry in Russia Until 2030

The article carries out the OTSW-analysis of the rabbit farming, identifies its main competitive advantages and formulates a mission reflecting the strategic idea. At the final stage, the main strategic idea of the industry development is decomposed to the level of strategic priorities, provided by competitive advantages.