Music streaming services in Russia is a tactic of forced offensive

DOI: 10.33917/mic-2.97.2021.38-46

The article examines and identifies the reasons for the change in the structure of the music market, which led to an increase in the popularity of streaming music services. A comparative analysis of the most significant streaming services in the Russian market, as well as their unique competitive advantages, which allowed to effectively implement the strategy of forced attack on the market and gradually displace the pirate shadow segment, is carried out.

Juvenile Justice Paradox

#2. Alliance Great
Juvenile Justice Paradox

In the proposed article, the authors state inconsistency between the juvenile justice system in contemporary Russia and the population needs. To explain this phenomenon, the authors make a brief historical digression and trace the transformation of traditional family into the nuclear one, alongside with changes in the structure of individual’s needs, conditioned by technological progress. The authors analyze the role of the state in the said process, which, according to the authors, contributes to erosion and destruction of the traditional family values, stimulates decrease in the birth rate among the indigenous population and, at the same time, its increase among migrants, where the values of traditional family continue to dominate due to historical conditions. According to the authors, erosion and transformation of the values of a traditional family and its death as such is just as inevitable as scientific and technological progress. Solution of the problem seems to be in humanizing juvenile justice system and bringing its practice in conformity with the population mentality.