Global Shift: What to Do?

DOI: 10.33917/es-1.167.2020.108-117

The authors postulate that modern destructive phenomena in society are associated with the conflict of regulators-attractors at the critical moment of “Re-Quantization of Reality” — at the time of transition from mass-kinetic regulation of system constructions to the dominant information-semantic regulation, which has a higher level of complexity. In society projection of this meta-process manifests itself globally, ends historic era of traditional politics and Economics as Topopulation “self-regulation”, ensuring the satisfaction of vital needs of humanity on the basis of technical progress and opens a new era of Psychosocial regulation systems based on the implementation of the Anthropic principle of regulation — to meet the higher needs for creative activity and participation in the development of the Universe. The most important property and a necessary condition of Anthropic regulation are the moral qualities of man, limiting the possibility of introducing entropy into the structure of information and semantic constructs. Arbitrary science-based Anthropic regulation allows for a crisis-free transition to Psychosocial formation on the basis of existing opportunities: institutional (constitutional) properties of the social state of the Russian Federation, as well as humanitarian and environmental properties of Closing technologies that allow once and for all to “close the issue” with the life of the human population and move to the direct creative process of psychosocial construction and humanistic transformation of reality

The Future of Appraisal — in the Hands of Young People

#1. Beyond Design Basis Evaluations

Realizing all the importance of generations continuity, the need for transfer of experience and knowledge to appraisal beginners, the Russian Society of Appraisers, the first among self-regulatory organizations opened a new line of work — the work with young people.

The Essence of Market Mechanisms — Assessment of the Market Value

#1. Beyond Design Basis Evaluations

The most prepared for self-regulation are appraisers. But even they had to gain experience of voluntary selfregulation in order to learn how to develop standards and to clean their ranks regardless of external conditions.

Joint And Several Liability — the Main Mechanism In the Self-Regulatory Organizations

#10. Time-out?

Representatives of the professional community always better than any official know how to adjust the market correctly, especially if they are accountable to the same official, to the municipality, to the subject of the Russian Federation, to the state and, above all, to consumers.

Exceeded limit of credibility

#10. Time-out?

What has changed during the years of SROs operation? How does the State manifest itself in the new situation? How has the relationship of business, technical agencies and inspections improved? These and many other issues are under discussion. To participate in this discussion are invited the experts of appraisal SROs and the largest consumers of professional services.