Movement to the East

#3. Attraction of Diversity
Movement to the East

The article examines the processes taking place in Russian appraisal business at present, taking into account general economic background of development: this is actual introduction of the state monopoly on cadastral valuation of real estate objects owned by individuals, the cancellation of the mandatory examination of the SRO evaluation reports, the introduction for all appraisers of the mandatory qualification examination. Against this background, the strategies of a successful evaluating company are analyzed. It is concluded that the competitive advantage is the ability of the company to develop new markets, to conduct evaluation in growing or emerging new sectors of the economy, which requires highly qualified specialists and high quality of work. Consequently, the most strategic companies in the industry under consideration will be large enterprises with a developed branch network and wide coverage of fields of activity, companies which adhere highest standards of quality.

Activities of the Professional Cost Valuation Institute Becomes International

#4. Cognitive Dissonance

It would be useful to create a general certification center for all members of the Eurasian Association of Appraisers (EAA) as the qualification requirements should be uniform.