National Financial-Economic Development. Analysis of the Russian Federation Strategic Documents

DOI: 10.33917/es-6.192.2023.78-83

The author substantiates the need to reform the strategic planning system at the current stage of Russia’s development, which will allow our country to take a leading position in the world. Documentation related to the sphere of strategic planning of the Russian Federation is analyzed, recommendations are given for introducing changes to Russian legislation on issues of national socio-economic development.


1. Zasedanie Soveta bezopasnosti, v khode kotorogo obsuzhdalis’ mery po sovershenstvovaniyu sistemy strategicheskogo planirovaniya v Rossiyskoy Federatsii [Meeting of the Security Council, During which Measures to Improve the Strategic Planning System in the Russian Federation were Discussed, 09/27/2021]. Ofitsial’nyy sayt Prezidenta Rossiyskoy Federatsii, 2021, 27 sentyabrya, available at:

2. Baza rekomendatsiy Schetnoy palaty Rossiyskoy Federatsii [Database of Recommendations of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation]. Ofitsial’nyy sayt Schetnoy palaty RF, available at:

3. Ofitsial’nyy sayt Schetnoy palaty RF [Official website of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation], available at:

4. Dokumenty strategicheskogo planirovaniya [Strategic Planning Documents]. Ofitsial’nyy sayt gosudarstvennoy avtomatizirovannoy informatsionnoy sistemy “Upravlenie”, available at:

5. Gaynulin D.G., Voronin V.V., Panchikhina O.V., Pal’chikov E.A., Tyupyshev D.A. Sistema strategicheskogo planirovaniya Rossiyskoy Federatsii: riski i perspektivy [Strategic Planning System of the Russian Federation: Risks and Prospects]. Innovatsii, 2018, no 4(234), pp. 29–35.

Historical features of the development of the forestry industry in the format of ensuring the economic security of the state

DOI: 10.33917/mic-3.110.2023.86-92

The article examines the general historical periods of development and transformation of the structure of public administration in the system of national protection of forestry in Russia from the XVII century to the present. The prerequisites for the formation of forest law are outlined, as well as further improvement of forest legislation, in particular, the process of development of criminal responsibility is analyzed. Modern regulatory legal acts regulating the basics of state management of the forest sector of the Russian Federation are presented. The causal relationship in the commission of criminal acts in forestry is highlighted. Based on the factors generating the growth of criminogenicity in the forest industry, the main directions of the state necessary for the prevention of crimes related to illegal logging of forest plantations were given.



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Russian National Heritage — Under Threat!

#7. Pandora’s Deceit
Russian National Heritage — Under Threat!

Recently, Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) became the subject for evidently bespoke attacks of a number of TV channels and newspapers. Attacks were characterized by deliberate distortion of truth and attempts to represent RAS in a negative light. They were accompanied by prosecutor and audit controls of academic administration. It seems to have been preparatory barrage before general offensive. The following legislative formalization of this campaign stirred up not only academic environment, but also the public as a whole.