Without Memory of the Past There is No Future

#6-7. 100 Years of War: The Point of Beginning
Without Memory of the Past There is No Future

In interview with the “Economic Strategies” magazine the Chairman of the Board of Directors of “FINHOLKOM GROUP” Consortium, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the National Saint Tryphon Foundation Andjey R. Malchevsky dwells on the possibilities of military-patriotic education in the context of the national parks development.

We Must Learn to be Responsible Patriots!

#4. Why that is needed?
We Must Learn to be Responsible Patriots!

It is gratifying that the national philanthropy traditions today are gaining momentum. The foundation for folk traditions revival “National St. Tryphon Foundation” carries out charitable activities in several areas — social programs funding, philanthropy in the cultural field, as well as support of society spiritual revival. In his interview with the “ES” magazine the Chairman of the board of trustees of the National St. Tryphon Foundation Andjey Malchevsky dwelled on charitable projects of the Foundation within the spiritual and moral revival and integration into the cultural heritage of the own people, upbringing respect for the history of the country.

Ethics of Management in Modern Russia: to Analysis of the Problem

#6-7. Springs of Surprises

In a set of the government spells there is something about social responsibility of business, but there are no mechanisms of compulsion to this responsibility. There are riot police detachments, but there is no parliament for negotiations.

Regions Socially Responsible Development Rating

#7-8. Passions on the adjuster

Separate elements of the socially responsible development of regions are regularly measured and reported to the public by competent bodies. These elements of socially responsible development include: ecology, social sphere, efficient governance, investment feasibility, infrastructure, security, level of crime and others.

The Eastern Gates of Innovation Capital of the Primorye: Bridge-legend for APEC-2012 Summit

#12. Evil People

The project of building a bridge across the Golden Horn bay has united three innovations — Vladivostok as innovation capital of the region, the innovative design of the bridge across the Golden Horn bay and innovative by spirit and content of its activity the Pacific bridge-building company that won the tender for its construction.

Social And Cultural Foundation of the Crisis, Its Opportunities and Threats

#12. Evil People

Today we are increasingly in favour of the idea that the first to describe the coming catastrophic crisis without encouraging reservations and without distinguishing those right and guilty, was Russian by origin Pitirim Sorokin.