Author page: Alexander Shkuta

Digital Navigation in the Matrix of Realities: Operating with Bifurcation Trajectories of Movement of the Future Key Points on the “Tree” of Rambling Event Chains

DOI: 10.33917/es-5.163.2019.48-55

The article examines the possibilities of operating with probabilities of reality (understood as a human interpretation of a picture of the surrounding real and fictional world with derived patterns of conduct) to counteract systemic failures in the social control mechanisms functioning. It is proposed to identify system-parametric interconnections, including the value of information flows and its computational processing, clustering, refinement and application in implementing the “exploration of the future” technology within the framework of a certain supersystem of the digital structure for society management. The article describes the possibilities of penetration into the level of conscious (semantic) and unconscious (emotional) interpretation of events, when it is necessary to provide individuals and groups with logical chains (event series) to interpret history and interpret events regarding problems that may affect maintaining stability of the future basic image. It creates the opportunity for the key points of the future on the “tree” of rambling event chains to navigate a controlled set of possible movement trajectories while managing society as part of the process of shaping the material future, realized through self-tuning of the surrounding subjective reality to the “matrix of key semantic images” in the direction of the basic image of the future.

Convergent Monitoring and Programming of Personality as a Tool for Managing Intellectual Dynamics of Behavioral Activity of Large Groups of People

#2. Sisyphean Task
Convergent Monitoring and Programming of Personality as a Tool for Managing Intellectual Dynamics of Behavioral Activity of Large Groups of People

To ensure political and economic stability in Russia the article proposes technology of convergent monitoring and personality programming within the system “bioelectric activity of the brain — psychosemantic subjectivity of the individual — imprinted reflexive matrices — information stimuli” based on its multi-parameter monitoring analysis. The authors study relationships between metastable states of individuals as a bifurcation point in developing intellectual dynamics of behavioral activity and interrelated political, economic, social and other processes that are determined by the influence of coherent-resonant clusters of manifestations having biophysical and information-cognitive nature. As a result of obtaining the forecast, it becomes possible to use both standard measures of preparation for possible extreme manifestations of different degrees of organization, and to implement communicative and other measures to “quench” the amplitude of coherent manifestations of biophysical and information-cognitive nature and to create conditions for their asymmetry in order to “dump” accumulated stresses within identified and unidentified aggregated groups of people due to a series of targeted information impacts, through changing communication mechanisms for obtaining information, etc.