On Some Factors of Economic Growth and Regional Development

DOI: 10.33917/es-6.172.2020.78-85

For several years, there has been a considerable interest in the development of regions and their contribution to the national economy, both in Russia and in foreign countries. The regions are characterized by uneven economic development and the amount of taxes and fees going to the Federal budget. Moreover, in Russia, this unevenness in regional development is particularly strong, which is facilitated by tax policy that affects the reduction of regional tax independence and does not encourage the regions to develop their income base. The task of achieving a balance between donor and recipient regions, reducing the number of subsidized regions, and creating incentives to increase their incomes and economic growth is one of the most actual problems of Russian economic policy.

Early Identification of Structural Shifts

#8. New Year’s Forces
Early Identification of Structural Shifts

The article is investigating structural changes in the economy before these shifts are reflected in well-known statistical indicators. It dwells on the changes in the economy that occurred in 2011–2015 based on the data from relatively big companies in Russia from SPARK group. The method proposed by the authors shows the presence of structural shifts in the period under study. The article also discusses possible consequences of structural shifts for development of regional economy and the budget system of Russia.