Author page: Bulgakov Andrey L.

Maximizing margin profit at known demand curves

DOI: 10.33917/mic-6.101.2021.34-39

The article deals with optimization of enterprise pricing management. An economic and mathematical model has been developed that allows you to investigate the dependence of margin profit on the price of goods with a certain dependence of the volume of demand for it on the established price. Based on the study of the model, a theoretical estimate of the optimal level of the price of the product was obtained, which provides the enterprise with the maximum margin profit from its sales. It is proposed to generalize the model in case of simultaneous sales of several goods. A formalized setting of the task of joint optimization of prices and deliveries of several types of products is presented, with restrictions on the possibility of deliveries and financing of variable costs of the enterprise.

Mechanisms for transformation of enterprise solvency estimates taking into account the essential content of balance sheet components

DOI: 10.33917/mic-6.95.2020.40-46

The paper discusses the approaches to the transformation of estimates of short-term liabilities, high-liquidity assets, receivables and enterprise reserves based on the essential economic content of the components included in them and disguised by accounting when compiling the balance sheet. Differences in real and accounting estimates are shown, which can significantly distort the true estimates of Companies solvency indicators.