Modernization of the National Economy of Russia Within the Framework of Monopolar World Configuration

#7-8. Burning Ground

Our economy today is not in a position to renounce hydrocarbon exports — either from political or economic reasons. And it would have been unjustified.

Offline- and Online-Threats to the Subject of Russian Modernization

#7-8. Burning Ground

The majority of the advanced economy of the world passes in the fifth technological way while Russian economy still stays in the fourth. Again “to catch up and overtake” it will not turn out.

Modernization: Corporate Governance and Innovation

#9. Plus-minus 40

Practice both of the Soviet and post-Soviet periods show that the policy based primarily on the implantation of new technological solutions and manufactures in the existing management practices can not become the guarantee of success. Perhaps the most obvious example is AvtoVAZ.

Economy Modernization: Modern Capitalism Won’t Help, Decisions are Necessary

#9. Plus-minus 40

The profession of the scientist in Russia more isn’t claimed. We have lost the whole generation of scientists in sphere of natural sciences and mathematics in 1990th years.

General Terms of Spiritual Modernization on Religious-Confessional Basis

#4. Sorrow and Light

Pseudo-communication that killed and replaced the communication, generates that monstrous degree of reduction and paralysis of language, which has engulfed the country.

Provided the Staff – There will be Anticipatory Development of the Military Industrial Complex

#3. Somewhere in Between

Military-industrial complex has to solve the serious problems of its reformation in order to meet successfully the challenges of global competition in the XXI century.

50-year Strategy for the Development of Russian Power Industry

#4. Sorrow and Light

Overcoming the crisis effects and economic globalization pose before society and government the question on ways of modernization, on strategy of Russia’s development for the next decade.