Russia and China: cooperation for the sake of development and safety

#8. Is a burden of one’s own choice is not felt?

Neither Russia, nor China don’t aspire to create any unions and the alliances directed against the third countries.

Need for Market Reforms in the Strategy of Socio-Economic Development of Russia

#6-7. Springs of Surprises

Moscow is one of the most expensive cities in the world primarily because of administrative obstacles to the creation of competitive environment in the city.

Identity Management

#4. Handful of Developments

The lack of serious work with the identity of national elite and bureaucracy leads to the fact that the identity of bureaucracy is formed not in the Weberian sense, but in today’s Russian or African demonstration – corrupted, infinitely greedy, comprador, unqualified, unpatriotic.

End of Catch-Up Model of Modernization and Search for New Ways

#3. Green question

Today’s concepts of modernization do not deny the necessity of borrowing the best practices of the East and the West, but in general focus on such methods of modernization, which keep in mind national goals and a variety of ways to achieve them, including the search for genuine methods.

Foundations and Prospects of Russian-Ukrainian International Relations

#9. Any problem with?

Hope for the Slavic historical reality is not so unstable as it seems now. In this case, initiation of the Ukrainian-Russian cultural and language contact within the framework of one-way complex of independent vectors will form a basis for the political system, able to build and to defend this reality.

Global Governance — the Key to a New World Financial Architecture. «We» and «They» in the System of Global Financial Coordinates

#3. Somewhere in Between

It is necessary to implement a set of measures for educating people who are alien to religious, ethnic, cultural or any other intolerance.