Author page: Dmitry Sergeev

Problems of the Regional Economy Regulation in the System of Interbudgetary Relations

DOI: 10.33917/es-2.188.2023.64-71

The aim of the study is to substantiate the directions of territorial economic development within the system of interbudgetary relations. It is emphasized that resolution of ver tical contradictions in the country’s interbudgetary relations requires scientific and applied research. On the whole, although insignificant, there is an increase in the centralization degree of the country’s budgetary resources at the federal budget level. Current mechanisms of interbudgetary relations in the country require new fundamental approaches to providing budget equalization. Strategic socio-economic development of the country should be put at the forefront in the process of reforming relations between the center and the territories. As a result, the necessit y of organizing interbudgetary relations of regional development in the context of “from the future to the present” dynamics is substantiated. In addition, digital plat forms should be used in the mechanisms of interbudgetary relations of regional development.


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