Decision Support System in Complex Entrepreneurial Structures as a Developing Management Tool

DOI: 10.33917/es-1.175.2021.114-121

Information support for making strategic decisions in groups of companies can be, on the one hand, very relevant due to the large number of parameters taken into account, on the other hand, it is quite productive due to the objective measurability of these parameters. Unlike traditional approaches to the economic analysis of an independent business entity, subsidiaries and dependent companies (SDCs) are also evaluated in terms of their impact on the parent company and the group of companies as a whole. Therefore, the authors of the study have formed a set of indicators that can be regrouped for various analytical and forecasting purposes, thereby creating and testing the author’s methodology for assessing the activities of subsidiariesn and affiliates

Paradoxes and Prospects of Civilizational Dynamics

#4. Cognitive Dissonance

World of civilizations at the beginning of the new century suddenly came across four paradoxes, which called into question further existence of this world, the future of humanity.

Strategic Flexibility of Investment Decisions: Real Options Analysis

#2. Is it reformation on the march?

The value of having the choice of strategic options may be obtained only if the appropriate option is being executed, otherwise all options are worthless.