Protection of patent law, industrial property and information databases based on international agreements in various sectors of the economy

DOI: 10.33917/mic-6.113.2023.55-70

The organizational and economic aspects of the protection of patent law, industrial property and information databases on the basis of international agreements in modern socio-economic conditions are considered. It is shown that in the modern world, copyright involuntarily is a factor «slowing down» the development of knowledge-intensive industries. In turn, the modern Russian patent system is in dire need of reform – as the popular press, scientists, lawyers, judges and ombudsmen say.

The authors conclude that protecting patents as property rights can improve socially constructive coordination that facilitates the complex process of commercializing innovations, thereby improving both access and competition. On the contrary, avoidance of industrial property may facilitate socially destructive coordination between large players using anti-competitive collusion strategies.


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