Author page: Vladimir Podoprigora

Digital Technologies of Public Audit


The article dwells on the problems of organizing state audit based on digital technologies. The concept of digital register and digital platforms is proposed, the author also describes system and software solutions that allow to provide continuous audit and, on its basis, adaptive management of public resources based on audit data in the economic-mathematical balance model that characterizes intersectoral production relationships in the country’s economy.


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Digital Transformation of Retail Electricity Market: Problems and Challenges


The article provides an overview of the world experience of digitalization of the electric power industry, examines the prerequisites for the development of the digital retail electricity market in the Russian Federation, highlights the main technical, organizational and regulatory issues and problems of transition to the digital retail electricity market

Capitalism for Everyone?!

#1. Minds Confusion
Capitalism for Everyone?!

The pension reform of 2018 caused serious changes in the labor relations system, in forming the country’s budget and sensitized the public opinion in respect of the real state of the Russian economy. For citizens, this resulted in a large-scale offensive on the retirement age, which, after previously prepared intervention by V.V. Putin, was adjusted in an acceptable manner. The problem of the citizens’ pension age is brought to the fore. Is it part of a prepared strategy or is it an answer to a demographic question (aging and longevity at the same time, lack of money for retirement pension payments)?

A Man That was Ahead of His Time

#8. Ideas Change the World
A Man That was Ahead of His Time

The article is focused on the life and work of the outstanding scientist Academician Jermen M. Gvishiani. It describes the main milestones of his personal and scientific biography, marks extraordinary personality traits that enabled him to achieve outstanding success in science, to ensure implementation of unique socially significant projects in the Soviet Union, to become a creator and leader of scientific organizations that had a significant impact on the development of mankind — International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis, All-Union Scientific Research Institute for Systemic Studies, International Scientific Research Institute of management problems, to become an active member of the famous Club of Rome, the founder of new scientific directions, the author of outstanding books.