Author page: Nadezhda Gaponenko

Global Challenges in Formation of a Polycentric World Order: Retro Trajectories and Trajectories of the Future

DOI: 10.33917/es-1.167.2020.28-35

Global challenges as the core of the processes of globalization and formation of a new world order provide direction and rhythm of transformation processes in all countries. The article dwells on a set of interconnected global challenges, their retrospective dynamics and future trajectories. Particular attention is paid to the place of Russia in global transformations. It was revealed that thanks to measures taken at all levels of management, positive dynamics have formed in relation to many challenges, but the progress is developing at the expense of ecology and safety. Critical for Russia is a fundamental science cost lag; with such a gap, we won’t be able to ensure defence, economic and technological security and will form the future for ourselves on the far reaches of the world progress

Foresight of a Knowledge-Based Economy: in Search of Trajectory

#4. Until the Thunder Breaks Out
Foresight of a Knowledge-Based Economy: in Search of Trajectory

The author considers three generations of foresight to identify the vector and the logic of its development in order to build theoretical foundation and methodology of foresight in a knowledge-based economy. The article reveals that as the new economy comes into being and develops, a shift from the paradigm of linearity to complexity paradigm, from considering an object under research as a closed and static system to adaptive, dynamic, open, self-organizing systems of a new complexity level, developing in a globalizing economy, in rapidly changing environments with high level of uncertainty, occurs. Theoretical basis should be the theory of evolution, complexity and chaos.

Will Russia Win a Great Nano-Racing? Focus on Creating a Productive Sectoral Sphere of Research and Development in Nanotechnology

#5. Cultural Revolution

Will Russia win a great nano-racing? Probably not! Corruption, powerful lobby groups which consume a significant part of financial resources, an aging staff and inadequate measures of power structures determine stagnation processes. On the world arena Russia is step by step giving up its advantage to more ambitious, energetic and purposeful.

Over the Skyline: the Use of Foresight for Research of the Future and Development of Adaptive Strategies

#1-2. Beacon’s blues

With the growing uncertainties foresight in a certain sense provides an opportunity for more “stable game” in increasingly unstable world.