Peculiarities of Organizing the Staff Training for Priority Areas of Science and Technology Development

DOI: 10.33917/es-8.166.2019.146-150

The present paper aims at forming approaches to providing effectiveness of human resources development in research and development sphere. The author raises the problem of studying new opportunities in organizing personnel training, identified by the “Science” national project. The article examines methodological aspects of ensuring the compliance of the workers’ professional competencies with technologies level of the new order, as well as conformity of characteristics of their interpersonal interaction with the systemic requirements for adaptability of production management in the context of technological development acceleration

Looking Forward to Neutralize Possible Threats

#8. Logic and ethic of fake
Looking Forward to Neutralize Possible Threats

Scientific and technical potential, formed under the state armaments program for the period up to 2015-2020 years, allowed to complete successfully in 2010-2013 the state tests of new electronic warfare (EW) equipment samples, recognized as the best in the world. Relevance of using special purpose aircraft and electronic warfare facilities in order to ensure the safety of Russian bombers flights and to prevent tragedies similar to recent one at the Syrian-Turkish border, is obvious. Military experts believe that the objective control means will help for certain to establish how and where the Russian bomber was shot down in order to eliminate all discrepancies in the matter. In his interview to the special columnist of the “ES” magazine Larisa Polkovnikova Viktor N. Grib, the general director of the Kaluga Research Institute of Radio Engineering (KNIRTI) told about the prospects and peculiarities of development of this MIC segment in JSC “KNIRTI”, one of the leading enterprises engaged in creating EW facilities.