The "Economic Strategies" journal


Problems of Regulatory-Legal Provision of Financial Relations of Integrated Structures in the Sphere of Recreational Services

#12. Evil People

Existing legal norms, regulating relations of the integrated structures, are interpreted by each branch of the law in its own way and are not systemic in nature.

Local Authorities in France in Terms of Financial and Economic Crisis

#12. Evil People

Over time, the point of view existed in France that financial independence is the tax independence. But recent years changes and decisions of the Constitutional Council showed that if local authorities even have the financial independence, they cannot enjoy any tax independence.

The Role of Parliament in the Economic and Financial Crisis. Work for the Prospects: Lessons of the Past and Modern Solutions in France

#12. Evil People

The lessons of history allow us to clarify contemporary issues, even despite the fact that every financial crisis has its own specifics. However, if we put aside the singlevalue decisions, we shall be able to identify constantly recurring problems that become apparent in those periods when public financial system malfunctions.

Participation of the Russian Orthodox Church In the Development of Credit Co-Operation

#12. Evil People

Experience of participation of the Russian Orthodox Church in development of credit co-operation is of practical interest for those who are concerned with the welfare of people. This is not a matter of blind copying, but of creative search for new forms, adequate to modern conditions.