Ethical Business Practices is a Key Global Issue

#3. Green question

The ethical market economy should be based on the following principles: modest growth, stability, care, ability to share, focus on the needs, economic development with a human face and a long-term profit optimization. Under present conditions a balance between government regulation and free market relations is required.

Attain Peace in Your Soul, and Thousands Around You Will be Saved

#2. Is it reformation on the march?

A return to the origins, to the Orthodox world-view and way of life, which should take place in everyone’s mind, will permit to transform the country.

The Concept of Freedom in Modern Society

#11. Empty bowl

 Freedom of independent choice is a gift of God, and namely this gift is the reason for the existence of evil and sin (this is connected with the concept of theodicy – God’s innocence in the world evil owing to existence of freedom of choice for the person)

The Path to the Future Begins with Correction of Names: Search for an Optimistic Ideology. Rehabilitation of Dualism

#6. Truth and force

The main feature distinguishing the other, different world from this material world – is the system of laws (the laws of nature and society), which are strictly unambiguously controlling phenomena of the material world.

Participation of the Russian Orthodox Church In the Development of Credit Co-Operation

#12. Evil People

Experience of participation of the Russian Orthodox Church in development of credit co-operation is of practical interest for those who are concerned with the welfare of people. This is not a matter of blind copying, but of creative search for new forms, adequate to modern conditions.

Participation of the Russian Orthodox Church In the Development of Credit Co-Operation

#11. Life resources

By the end of the XIXth century credit cooperatives walked through a long way of development, but the goal sought by enthusiasts of cooperative movement (brothers Luginin, prince A.I. Vasilchikov, E.V. De Roberti and many others), as well as by the government — to protect peasants from money-lenders and to provide them with affordable loans — was never achieved.