Economy from Evil

#4. Why that is needed?
Economy from Evil

The topic of millennial confrontation of Cain and Abel civilizations runs like a thread through the entire conversation of Alexander Ageev and Alexander Isaev with famous Russian economist and professor of MGIMO International Finance Department, chairman of the Russian Economic Society Valentin Katasonov. Orthodoxy and Orthodox culture — that’s the unique bridge over the chasm towards the Abel civilization. The Cain civilization rooted in the West is striving for world domination. How to pass from the Abel economy in families to the Abel economy in the state – that’s one of the most important issues of the present. Nothing more and nothing less than survival of Mankind is at stake.

The Concept of Freedom in Modern Society

#11. Empty bowl

 Freedom of independent choice is a gift of God, and namely this gift is the reason for the existence of evil and sin (this is connected with the concept of theodicy – God’s innocence in the world evil owing to existence of freedom of choice for the person)