System Crisis of Public Health Care Service

#7-8. Passions on the adjuster

The main reason of the health care crisis is that federal government has actually withdrawn from the responsibility for population health care, shifting it onto regions and municipalities, which do not have sufficient funds for it.

Without Warm-Hearted Trust it is Impossible to Make a Film

#5. Constants Instability

The history of Russia is directed not by individuals, but by people. And, participating in this process, people are very reserved, indifferent to what is happening. Main reason for this I see in a tremendous dispersion of people in space. We cannot absolutely afford such a great territory.

Metaphysics of the Handicraft

#2. Agenda

We want to create in Verkhoturje a model of construction site, a kind of school where our masters could, in practice, pass on the specific skills in reconstruction of cultural heritage to their Russian counterparts, to share some professional nuances

Until God Reveals Us Secrets!

#10. Time-out?

This year I was 75, I’m still alive and kicking, for the time being not going to die. And I swear to you that for 75 years I never understood what the theater is. Of course, you can spread shoe polish on your face and ask: “Have you prayed tonight, Desdemona?” But not this is the case.

Movement Forward is Impossible Without Trials And Errors

#9. Plus-minus 40

We ourselves as a nation are guilty of everything that happened. And we ourselves should be responsible for what will happen. Recognition of the risk of degeneration — this horrific fact of life of the Russian people — is the first step towards recovery.