Russia and Latin America: for Long in Earnest

#8. Some Time in Petrograd...
 Russia and Latin America: for Long in Earnest

The actual results of the Russian President’s visit to Latin America in summer 2014 and signed there documents allow to assume that the trip was quite pragmatic: to seize the opportunities for expansion of the Russian economic cooperation with close to us and friendly developing states. Cooperation, which has become even more important in the context of sanctions introduced by the West against Russia. In his interview with Alexander Ageev and Alexander Sidorov, director of the Institute of Latin American, Russian Academy of Sciences, Vladimir Davydov told about economic and geopolitical effects of the new vector of cooperation with Latin American countries.

Ecuador — the Land of Sannikov, Tortoise Paradise And the Country of Hope

#9. Plus-minus 40

Ecuador is located on the equator, and we are more acutely than anyone else feeling terrible phenomena occurring in the nature — hard changes of climate, floods, volcanic eruptions, extinction of some species. If in the nearest future destructive trends continue, nothing will remain for our children and grandchildren.