Author page: Viacheslav Dashichev

Economy — Politics Hostage

#3. Immortal Power
Economy — Politics Hostage

The next meeting of the Bogomolov club is dedicated to analysis of the economic situation in Russia today and to the prospects for overcoming recession. The Discussion club (until February 2016) was founded by academician O.T. Bogomolov. More than 20 meetings were held under his chairmanship. At the initiative of academician A.G. Aganbegyan and with support of the club members, it was decided to name the club after O.T. Bogomolov and to continue work on the topics, to which the scientist has devoted his scientific life.

Collapse of Russia in the 1990s. Causes and Effects in Contemporaries’ Estimates

#5. The Forerunners of Memory

Yeltsin’s “dashing years” and their impact on financial position and spiritual-moral condition of Russia have not yet been objectively, accurately and comprehensively estimated in our historical literature and in mass media, although it was written a lot about this. The author tries to reveal properly, what external and internal forces were behind the Yeltsin’s “reforms” and determined their nature and direction of.